Odd Day Off

I had a day off today.  My question is, “Just what do you do with a day off in the middle of the week?”  I have to work all day this coming Saturday due to a wedding we are doing at the shop so my boss (whose trying to not pay overtime) asked me to take a day off during the week.  Because of her schedule today was the only day available.

It is strange to be off during a week day.  Steve wasn’t off so I couldn’t hang out with him.  It’s not time to do the laundry yet.  I tried to claim in on a massage that Steve had given me for Mother’s Day, but just my luck, she was on vacation.  I ended up going to Kohl’s and looking around.  I didn’t even buy anything.  After that I went to Sheridan’s (a local frozen custard place) and had a concrete for lunch (that was really healthy…NOT).  Then I went and bought the Father’s Day gifts for Tommy and Wes.  I caught up on the check book entries and set up our State Farm accounts online.  Beyond that I’ve read some in my current book of choice and facebook.  Weird.  I don’t feel like I really accomplished anything like I do on the weekends.  Oh well.  I’ll try again next time.  I think I have to do this again in a couple of weeks.

It’s a heat wave!

In case you haven’t heard, summer has arrived.  If you do not live in Texas and are fortunate enough to reside on one of the coasts, summer probably does not hit so hard.  We have been nearly 100 degrees the past few days.  What makes it even worse is with all the rain we had last week the humidity is absolutely horrible.  Walking outside is like walking into an oven.  It takes your breath away.  And don’t even think about getting in the car.  I’m sweating just thinking about it.  If you live somewhere else we all need to hear about your weather so leave me a comment and let me know what it’s like where you are.  I think it would be so “cool” to hear from everyone.

Communication Breakdown

I’d like to start out by saying thanks to those of you who wrote email or left comments on the previous blog entry.  It’s been really great hearing from you all.  But it has left me thinking about the day and age in which we live and how readily available all the different forms of communication are to us and yet we don’t always put them to use.  My mom and all her siblings speak weekly, if not daily, by cell phone or email.  Now while some of us would consider that overkill, I’d venture to say most of us are feeling quite well if we talk to our siblings monthly and yet we have more ways to communicate now than ever before. 

There was a time where only handwritten letters would send your words across the miles (and people were faithful to keep it going).  Now we can twitter, call, email, my space, facebook, text, blog and the list goes on and we are less likely to communicate than ever before.  Our world is so fast paced and it still boils down to one thing… TIME.  It takes time to keep relationships going.  Time to call or write what has been going on in your family and in your relationships.  Time to care about others.

Let’s not let all this modern technology go to waste.  Let’s strive to keep up better.  To communicate more.  To listen to others.  Leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.  I would love to hear from you. 🙂


What a memorable day today has been.  For the first time in many years my mom and all her siblings were able to be together.  It was a sweet reunion for them.  Even though my mom keeps reminding us that we keep saying “this might be the last time that y’all are all together” and rolls her eyes, it really could be.  Life is fragile and one never knows.  Of course she knows that better than any of them as she lost her first husband, my dad, over 29 years ago.  The first one of the siblings to lose a spouse.  We have learned to cherish the time we have with family and seize the moments as they come.  What sweet memories for all of us today as mom’s house was full of chatter, full of memories past and full of love.  Every home should experience that at least once.  Here’s mom and my aunt and uncles….

JT, John, Wanda, LaDell & Jerrell (In birth order)

JT, John, Wanda, LaDell & Jerrell (In birth order)

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Slowly Fading

My vacation days are slowly fading away.  We have certainly accomplished a lot, but of course our list was much longer than what could be done in a single week.  We have finished the taxes which was #1 on our list.  Tuesday was a blast as we kept the grand-baby.  What fun!  I remember the days of caring for the boys and thinking at the end of the day, what did I actually do today? 

Today we opted to work in the yard (much needed) and postponed the Canton trip until tomorrow.  It’s sad to see it all end.  I’ve enjoyed sleeping late on the days that I could and just having a different pace to life.  We did retrieve the aunts and uncles from the airport yesterday and still have that reunion to look forward to on Sunday.  I think that will be a great way to end a week off….. surrounded by lots of family.


Finally, I’m on vacation.  I didn’t think the extra long work weeks would ever end.  Mother’s day, proms, weddings…it about killed me.   But I’m finally there.  A week off.  Now this won’t be a totally relaxing vacation.  We are already knee deep in taxes.  (A must do).  Tomorrow will be the highlight of our week as we get to keep baby Brayden.  What fun to have the grandson all day.  We can’t wait.  Wednesday I get my hair cut, Thursday it’s off to the airport to pick up some aunts and uncles that are flying in from San Diego and Friday we might make a run out to Canton for First Monday Trade Days.  Even though this is not a destination vacation it will at least be different than the normal, everyday work week.

Yawn….I so tired.

I’ve made it through mother’s day (a 70 hour work week) and through this past week’s 3 proms (a 59 hour work week).  This week we have a wedding (wonder how many hours that will be)  but that’s it.  Next week I’m on vacation.  Can’t wait.  I’m going to sleep, sweet sleep.

I Survived!

Well, I’ve survived yet another birthday.  The celebration began on Wednesday when my family threw me a surprise bash at Hoffbrau.  These days we have to get together when everyone is home and off from work.  A little tricky with all my guys and their crazy work schedules.  We had the back room all to ourselves which was totally awesome.  The whole group had gone in together and got me a new camera.  It’s blue and it’s way cool.  After we ate we came back to the house for cake.  We had such a great time. 

Yesterday, the girls at work surprised me with lunch and all kinds of gifts.  My boss had baked me a cake which was absolutely to die for and we had a wonderful time laughing and joking around.  It’s a good thing we celebrated a day early because if we had waited to celebrate today (my actual birthday) we would have been too busy with all the orders that came through today. 

Today has been great.  I’ve had calls and text messages from my kids and daughter-in-laws, mother and sisters.  My mom made me a cake today (Italian cream cake) which is oh so yummy, and one of my sisters came for a visit tonight.  A big “Thank You” for all the cards, calls and visits and for making my special day “special.”  You guys are the best. 🙂

20 Whatever

A couple of the guys in my group are having birthdays this week.  At 27 they are feeling old.  One of them decided he wasn’t going to actually tell his age, he was just going to tell everyone he was “20-whatever. ”  Since my birthday is coming soon I’m thinking about actually adopting the same policy.  Do you think I could get away with saying I’m “20-whatever?”  People say age is just a number, you’re as old as you feel.  If that’s the case I must be “80-whatever.”  At any rate, time marches on.  The “whatevers” continue to come along every year to haunt me.  So I am what I am and that’s that.

Life Moves On

Wow, it’s been almost two months since my last entry.  Am I too busy, too stressed, unmotivated…..maybe a little bit of everything.  Two of my sons and one of my daughter-in-law’s have had birthdays, the shop has been through Valentine’s Day, one of the major holidays for the flower business, and the old man and I have both been sick, AGAIN.  I’m a little tired of that one.  That makes three times this winter season.  No fun. 

In spite of all this life continues on.  Our grandson hit the half-year mark yesterday.  It doesn’t seem possible.  He is a darling though.  I have not seen him in a while.  That’s another bad thing about being sick, you don’t get out much and no one wants to come see you either for fear they might get it next.   Thanks for all your concerns.  We are a lot better now.  A special thanks to Anthony for a great job Sunday.

Here is a new pic of the grandson…..isn’t he SWEET!  (Drool and all).


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